Develop Admin Console solutions

Anyone can use Apps Script to automate Admin Console tasks in a web-based, low-code environment.
  • Populate a spreadsheet with a list of all the users in a domain.
  • Generate a login activity report for your Slides presentation.
  • Get the settings for Google Groups to audit in Sheets.
Use the REST APIs below to interact programmatically with Admin Console.
Manage single sign-on (SSO) and email routing settings for your account.
View and manage Google Workspace alerts for your account.
Manage Chrome Browser devices for your account.
Manage Chrome Browser enrollment tokens for your account.
Manage CUPS printers on Chrome OS devices for your account.
Delegate contacts access to another person.
Move files from one user to another.
Manage users and groups for your account.
Manage external contacts shared to all users.
Audit user emails, including drafts and archived chats.
Migrate emails to Google Groups archives.
Manage internal and external groups for your account.
Manage user licenses for your account.
Generate reports about customers and user usage.
Manage customer orders and subscriptions for your account.