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Resource representations

JSON template for roleAssignment resource in Directory API.

  "kind": "admin#directory#roleAssignment",
  "etag": etag,
  "roleAssignmentId": long,
  "roleId": long,
  "assignedTo": string,
  "scopeType": string,
  "orgUnitId": string
Property name Value Description Notes
assignedTo string The unique ID of the user this role is assigned to.
etag etag ETag of the resource.
kind string The type of the API resource. This is always admin#directory#roleAssignment.
orgUnitId string If the role is restricted to an organization unit, this contains the ID for the organization unit the exercise of this role is restricted to.
roleAssignmentId long ID of this roleAssignment.
roleId long The ID of the role that is assigned.
scopeType string The scope in which this role is assigned.

Acceptable values are:
  • "ORG_UNIT"


Deletes a role assignment.
Retrieve a role assignment.
Creates a role assignment.
Retrieves a paginated list of all roleAssignments.