G Suite Alert Center API

Manages alerts on issues affecting your domain.

Service: alertcenter.googleapis.com

All URIs below are relative to https://alertcenter.googleapis.com

This service provides the following discovery document:

REST Resource: v1beta1

getSettings GET /v1beta1/settings
Returns customer-level settings.
updateSettings PATCH /v1beta1/settings
Updates the customer-level settings.

REST Resource: v1beta1.alerts

delete DELETE /v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}
Marks the specified alert for deletion.
get GET /v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}
Gets the specified alert.
list GET /v1beta1/alerts
Lists the alerts.
undelete POST /v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}:undelete
Restores, or "undeletes", an alert that was marked for deletion within the past 30 days.

REST Resource: v1beta1.alerts.feedback

create POST /v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}/feedback
Creates new feedback for an alert.
list GET /v1beta1/alerts/{alertId}/feedback
Lists all the feedback for an alert.