enum CreativeError.Reason (v202311)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
FLASH_AND_FALLBACK_URL_ARE_SAME FlashRedirectCreative.flashUrl and FlashRedirectCreative.fallbackUrl are the same. The fallback URL is used when the flash URL does not work and must be different from it.
INVALID_INTERNAL_REDIRECT_URL The internal redirect URL was invalid. The URL must have the following syntax http://ad.doubleclick.net/ad/sitename/;sz=size.
DESTINATION_URL_REQUIRED HasDestinationUrlCreative.destinationUrl is required.
DESTINATION_URL_NOT_EMPTY HasDestinationUrlCreative.destinationUrl must be empty when its type is DestinationUrlType.NONE.
DESTINATION_URL_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED The provided DestinationUrlType is not supported for the creative type it is being used on.
CANNOT_CREATE_OR_UPDATE_LEGACY_DFP_CREATIVE Cannot create or update legacy DART For Publishers creative.
CANNOT_CREATE_OR_UPDATE_LEGACY_DFP_MOBILE_CREATIVE Cannot create or update legacy mobile creative.
MISSING_FEATURE The user is missing a necessary feature.
INVALID_COMPANY_TYPE Company type should be one of Advertisers, House Advertisers and Ad Networks.
INVALID_ADSENSE_CREATIVE_SIZE Invalid size for AdSense dynamic allocation creative. Only valid AFC sizes are allowed.
INVALID_AD_EXCHANGE_CREATIVE_SIZE Invalid size for Ad Exchange dynamic allocation creative. Only valid Ad Exchange sizes are allowed.
DUPLICATE_ASSET_IN_CREATIVE Assets associated with the same creative must be unique.
CREATIVE_ASSET_CANNOT_HAVE_ID_AND_BYTE_ARRAY A creative asset cannot contain an asset ID and a byte array.
CANNOT_CREATE_OR_UPDATE_UNSUPPORTED_CREATIVE Cannot create or update unsupported creative.
CANNOT_CREATE_PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVES Cannot create programmatic creatives.
INVALID_SIZE_FOR_THIRD_PARTY_IMPRESSION_TRACKER A creative must have valid size to use the third-party impression tracker.
CANNOT_DEACTIVATE_CREATIVES_IN_CREATIVE_SETS Ineligible creatives can not be deactivated.
HOSTED_VIDEO_CREATIVE_REQUIRES_VIDEO_ASSET Ad Manager hosted video creatives must contain a video asset.
CANNOT_SET_MULTIPLE_IMPRESSION_TRACKING_URLS ImageCreative.thirdPartyImpressionTrackingUrls should not contain more than one url.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.