enum UserConsentEligibility (v202005)

User consent eligibility designation for a LineItem. This value is only relevant if a publisher has opted to "Limit line items" in the network-level EU user consent settings, and only on specific types of LineItem. See the Ad Manager Help Center for a full explanation of how and when this setting is used.

Enumeration Description
NONE Don't serve for any EEA ad request. This line item is not eligible to serve on any requests that originate in the EEA regardless of the consent bit in request.
CONSENTED_OR_NPA Don't limit serving. The network has marked this line item as one that does not use any personalized data. The line item is therefore eligible to serve on requests regardless of users' consent designations (in other words, for requests that have either NPA=1 or no NPA).
CONSENTED_ONLY Don't serve for non-personalized ad requests. The network has marked this line item as being eligible to serve on any consented request (i.e., on requests that do not have NPA=1). The network therefore takes responsibility for gathering consent from the user for any data sharing that may occur from third parties present on the creatives that are associated with this line item. If a non-consented request (a request that does have NPA=1) is received, this line item will not be eligible for match.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.