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enum RichMediaStudioCreativeBillingAttribute (v202005)

Rich Media Studio creative supported billing attributes.

This is determined by Rich Media Studio based on the content of the creative and is not updateable.

Enumeration Description
IN_PAGE Applies to any RichMediaStudioCreativeFormat.IN_PAGE, without Video.
FLOATING_EXPANDING Applies to any of these following RichMediaStudioCreativeFormat, without Video: RichMediaStudioCreativeFormat.EXPANDING, RichMediaStudioCreativeFormat.IM_EXPANDING, RichMediaStudioCreativeFormat.FLOATING, RichMediaStudioCreativeFormat.PEEL_DOWN, RichMediaStudioCreativeFormat.IN_PAGE_WITH_FLOATING
VIDEO Applies to any creatives that includes a video.
FLASH_IN_FLASH Applies to any RichMediaStudioCreativeFormat.FLASH_IN_FLASH, without Video.