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enum AdExclusionRuleError.Reason (v202005)

The reasons for the ad exclusion rule error.

Enumeration Description
BLOCK_ALL_RULE_CANNOT_INCLUDE_ROOT_AD_UNIT The AdExclusionRule.inventoryTargeting cannot target the root ad unit if AdExclusionRule.isBlockAll is true.
BLOCK_ALL_RULE_CANNOT_HAVE_BLOCKED_LABELS The AdExclusionRule.blockedLabelIds must be empty if AdExclusionRule.isBlockAll is true.
BLOCK_ALL_RULE_MUST_CONTAIN_ALLOWED_LABELS The AdExclusionRule.allowedLabelIds must contain allowed labels if AdExclusionRule.isBlockAll is true.
RULE_MUST_CONTAIN_BLOCKING The AdExclusionRule must contain blocking information.
BLOCKED_LABEL_ALSO_ALLOWED The same label ID cannot be contained in both AdExclusionRule.allowedLabelIds and AdExclusionRule.blockedLabelIds.
LABELS_MUST_BE_AD_EXCLUSION_TYPE Label IDs included in AdExclusionRule.allowedLabelIds and AdExclusionRule.blockedLabelIds must correspond to Label objects with type Label.AD_EXCLUSION.
EXCLUDED_AD_UNIT_ALSO_INCLUDED The same ad unit cannot be included in both InventoryTargeting.targetedAdUnits and InventoryTargeting.excludedAdUnits in AdExclusionRule.inventoryTargeting.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.