Note: Reporting metrics for Programmatic Guaranteed and Preferred Deals will soon change from gross revenue to net revenue. See the Ad Manager Release notes for more information.

enum CreativeError.Reason (v201908)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
FLASH_AND_FALLBACK_URL_ARE_SAME FlashRedirectCreative.flashUrl and FlashRedirectCreative.fallbackUrl are the same. The fallback URL is used when the flash URL does not work and must be different from it.
INVALID_INTERNAL_REDIRECT_URL The internal redirect URL was invalid. The URL must have the following syntax;sz=size.
DESTINATION_URL_REQUIRED HasDestinationUrlCreative.destinationUrl is required.
DESTINATION_URL_NOT_EMPTY HasDestinationUrlCreative.destinationUrl must be empty when its type is DestinationUrlType.NONE.
DESTINATION_URL_TYPE_NOT_SUPPORTED The provided DestinationUrlType is not supported for the creative type it is being used on.
CANNOT_CREATE_OR_UPDATE_LEGACY_DFP_CREATIVE Cannot create or update legacy DART For Publishers creative.
CANNOT_CREATE_OR_UPDATE_LEGACY_DFP_MOBILE_CREATIVE Cannot create or update legacy mobile creative.
MISSING_FEATURE The user is missing a necessary feature.
INVALID_COMPANY_TYPE Company type should be one of Advertisers, House Advertisers and Ad Networks.
INVALID_ADSENSE_CREATIVE_SIZE Invalid size for AdSense dynamic allocation creative. Only valid AFC sizes are allowed.
INVALID_AD_EXCHANGE_CREATIVE_SIZE Invalid size for Ad Exchange dynamic allocation creative. Only valid Ad Exchange sizes are allowed.
DUPLICATE_ASSET_IN_CREATIVE Assets associated with the same creative must be unique.
CREATIVE_ASSET_CANNOT_HAVE_ID_AND_BYTE_ARRAY A creative asset cannot contain an asset ID and a byte array.
CANNOT_CREATE_OR_UPDATE_UNSUPPORTED_CREATIVE Cannot create or update unsupported creative.
CANNOT_CREATE_PROGRAMMATIC_CREATIVES Cannot create programmatic creatives.
INVALID_SIZE_FOR_THIRD_PARTY_IMPRESSION_TRACKER A creative must have valid size to use the third-party impression tracker.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.