Note: Version v201811 will be sunset soon. All users of those versions must migrate to a newer one.

type TrafficTimeSeriesFilterCriteria (v201908)

Represents the filter criteria that defines the slice of inventory for the associated TrafficTimeSeries.





Specifies the targeting of the traffic time series. Only ad unit, placement, country, and video content are supported at this time.

For ad unit and placement, use InventoryTargeting/ All targeted ad units must have AdUnitTargeting.includeDescendants set to true.

For country, use GeoTargeting. Location.type must be set to COUNTRY and other location types such as city, state, and county are not supported.

For video content, use ContentTargeting. ContentTargeting.targetedContentIds is the only field supported.

Exclusion targetings are not supported for any of the fields above.



A set of requested ad sizes that are included in the time series.