Note: Version v201902 will be sunset soon. All users of those versions must migrate to a newer one.

enum ReconciliationError.Reason (v201905)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
CANNOT_CREATE_RECONCILIATION_REPORT_VERSION Reconciliation report is reconciled, and need to revert. Or reconciliation report is Deleted, and not possible.
INVALID_RECONCILIATION_REPORT_STATE_TRANSITION Reconciliation report can't be put into that reconciliation state.
INVALID_RECONCILIATION_PROPOSAL_SUBMISSION_SEQUENCE Previous cycles of the proposal must be reconciled first.
USER_CANNOT_RECONCILE_RECONCILIATION_REPORT User does not have permission to put reconciliation report into reconciled state.
CONTRACTED_VOLUME_CANNOT_BE_NULL The billed from is contracted, but the contracted volume cannot be null.
DFP_VOLUME_CANNOT_BE_NULL The billed from is DFP, but the DFP volume cannot be null.
MANUAL_VOLUME_CANNOT_BE_NULL The billed from is manual, but the manual volume cannot be null.
THIRD_PARTY_VOLUME_CANNOT_BE_NULL The billed from is third-party, but the third-party volume cannot be null.
DUPLICATE_LINE_ITEM_AND_CREATIVE Duplicate tuples of (line item ID, creative ID).
CANNOT_RECONCILE_LINE_ITEM_CREATIVE Cannot reconcile the ReconciliationReportRow as the line item ID and the creative ID association is invalid.
LINE_ITEM_DAYS_MISMATCH Third-party days delivered and manual days delivered cannot differ for rows with same line item ID when line item cost type is CPD.
LINE_ITEM_BILL_OFF_OF_MISMATCH ReconciliationReportRow.billFrom field cannot differ for rows with same line item id when line item cost type is CPD.
CANNOT_MODIFY_RECONCILED_ORDER The order of the modifying rows in under reconciled status. The row couldn't be changed.
CANNOT_MODIFY_ACROSS_MULTIPLE_RECONCILIATION_REPORTS Can not modify across multiple reconciliation reports.
CANNOT_QUERY_ACROSS_MULTIPLE_RECONCILIATION_REPORTS Can not query across multiple reconciliation reports.
CANNOT_UPDATE_VOLUME_WHEN_BILLABLE_REVENUE_OVERRIDDEN Cannot update reconciled volume when a billable revenue override is set.
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.