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enum ImageError.Reason (v201905)

The reasons for the target error.

Enumeration Description
INVALID_IMAGE The file's format is invalid.
INVALID_SIZE Size.width and Size.height cannot be negative.
UNEXPECTED_SIZE The actual image size does not match the expected image size.
OVERLAY_SIZE_TOO_LARGE The size of the asset is larger than that of the overlay creative.
ANIMATED_NOT_ALLOWED Animated images are not allowed.
ANIMATION_TOO_LONG Animation length exceeded the allowed policy limit.
CMYK_JPEG_NOT_ALLOWED Images in CMYK color formats are not allowed.
FLASH_NOT_ALLOWED Flash files are not allowed.
FLASH_WITHOUT_CLICKTAG If FlashCreative.clickTagRequired is true, then the flash file is required to have a click tag embedded in it.
ANIMATED_VISUAL_EFFECT Animated visual effect is not allowed.
FLASH_ERROR An error was encountered in the flash file.
LAYOUT_PROBLEM Incorrect image layout.
FLASH_HAS_NETWORK_OBJECTS Flash files with network objects are not allowed.
FLASH_HAS_NETWORK_METHODS Flash files with network methods are not allowed.
FLASH_HAS_URL Flash files with hard-coded click thru URLs are not allowed.
FLASH_HAS_MOUSE_TRACKING Flash files with mouse tracking are not allowed.
FLASH_HAS_RANDOM_NUM Flash files that generate or use random numbers are not allowed.
FLASH_SELF_TARGETS Flash files with self targets are not allowed.
FLASH_BAD_GETURL_TARGET Flash file contains a bad geturl target.
FLASH_VERSION_NOT_SUPPORTED Flash or ActionScript version in the submitted file is not supported.
FILE_TOO_LARGE The uploaded file is too large.
SYSTEM_ERROR A system error occurred, please try again.
UNEXPECTED_PRIMARY_ASSET_DENSITY The image density for a primary asset was not one of the expected image densities.
DUPLICATE_ASSET_DENSITY Two or more assets have the same image density.
MISSING_DEFAULT_ASSET The creative does not contain a primary asset. (For high-density creatives, the primary asset must be a standard image file with 1x density.)
UNKNOWN The value returned if the actual value is not exposed by the requested API version.