The AdX Seller REST API has been deprecated and will be sunset on July 23, 2018. New and existing users should migrate to the DoubleClick for Publishers API.

Release Notes

Version 2.0

Release Date Notes
  • The Adunits and Customchannel.adunits resources have been removed from v2.0.
  • Every other resource (for example, CustomChannels, Alerts, and Metadata.dimensions), which had been an independent resource, is now a sub-resource of the accounts resource, and needs to be addressed as follows:

Version 1.1

This release adds the ability to retrieve:

Version 1

This is the first release of the API. It includes support for retrieving ad clients, ad units, custom channels, and URL channels, and reporting.

Known Issues

The currency field in reports is not supported in this release.

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DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller API
DoubleClick Ad Exchange Seller API