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The following tables present the contents of content-labels.txt sorted by name and by numeric code.


Below the fold or unknown position26
Content about alcohol126
Content sensitive social issues146
Crime, police & emergency55
Death & tragedy56
Derogatory content123
Digital Content Label for DL-G rating39
Digital Content Label for DL-MA rating42
Digital Content Label for DL-PG rating40
Digital Content Label for DL-T rating41
Digital Content Not Yet Rated43
Embedded video58
Error pages0
File-sharing pages20
Gambling content119
GMob mobile app non-interstitial87
Image-sharing pages21
Juvenile, gross & bizarre content16
Live Streaming Video44
Military & international conflict45
Missing Content160
Parked domains6
Political content120
Profanity & rough language52
Recreational drug content66
Religious content125
Sexually suggestive content13
Social networks23
Tobacco content121
Vehicle accidents124
Violent content65
Weapons content122


0Error pages
119Gambling content
120Political content
121Tobacco content
122Weapons content
123Derogatory content
124Vehicle accidents
125Religious content
126Content about alcohol
13Sexually suggestive content
146Content sensitive social issues
160Missing Content
16Juvenile, gross & bizarre content
20File-sharing pages
21Image-sharing pages
23Social networks
26Below the fold or unknown position
39Digital Content Label for DL-G rating
40Digital Content Label for DL-PG rating
41Digital Content Label for DL-T rating
42Digital Content Label for DL-MA rating
43Digital Content Not Yet Rated
44Live Streaming Video
45Military & international conflict
52Profanity & rough language
55Crime, police & emergency
56Death & tragedy
58Embedded video
65Violent content
66Recreational drug content
6Parked domains
87GMob mobile app non-interstitial

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