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The following tables present the contents of callout-status-codes.txt sorted by name and by numeric code.


All ads in response filtered.18
Bidder returned an HTTP 3xx status code.11
Bidder returned an HTTP 4xx status code.12
Bidder returned an HTTP 5xx status code.13
BidResponse proto could not be parsed.16
Bid response too large.15
Callout HTTP request timed out.7
Callout successful.1
DNS lookup failed.17
Dropped by selective callout.6
HTTP response contained no data.8
HTTP response could not be parsed.9
Internal error.2
No ads returned with bid response.20
Out of quota.5
SSL certificate error.21
Testing mode was enabled.19
Unknown HTTP status code or TCP error.10
Unknown status (deprecated).3
Unknown status.4


10Unknown HTTP status code or TCP error.
11Bidder returned an HTTP 3xx status code.
12Bidder returned an HTTP 4xx status code.
13Bidder returned an HTTP 5xx status code.
15Bid response too large.
16BidResponse proto could not be parsed.
17DNS lookup failed.
18All ads in response filtered.
19Testing mode was enabled.
1Callout successful.
20No ads returned with bid response.
21SSL certificate error.
2Internal error.
3Unknown status (deprecated).
4Unknown status.
5Out of quota.
6Dropped by selective callout.
7Callout HTTP request timed out.
8HTTP response contained no data.
9HTTP response could not be parsed.

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Real-Time Bidding Protocol
Real-Time Bidding Protocol