Client Access Overview

The Client Access resources allow you to let your client buyers directly access the Ad Exchange Marketplace to be able to view, negotiate, and approve deals. These resources let your application programmatically perform operations you can do manually in the Clients section of the Ad Exchange Buyer Account Settings tab.

Client Access resources are currently in beta and are subject to change.

The API exposes three Client Access resources:

Each instance of the client resource represents one of your client buyers. Each client buyer must be associated with a known advertiser, a brand, or an agency (entity). You can associate more than one client buyer with a given entity, as long as each client buyer has a unique name. The client resource includes a field for identifying a client buyer and a field for identifying the entity that the client buyer is associated with.

A user resource represents a specific user within a client buyer. To invite new users to access the Ad Exchange Marketplace for a specific client, you can use the user invitations resource. The typical workflow to grant access to the Ad Exchange Marketplace to a new client buyer includes the following steps:

  1. Create a new client resource.
  2. Invite the user to access the Marketplace by creating a new client user invitation resource.
  3. The user accepts the invitation, thereby creating a client user resource.

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