Troubleshooting Physical Transactions

If you're having trouble fulfilling transaction intents with your Action, see if you're experiencing any of the symptoms described in the following sections and take the recommended troubleshooting steps.

Action not responding

Symptom: When triggering a transactions intent (TransactionRequirements, TransactionDecision), the user gets back a response of "App isn't responding at the moment. Try again soon."

Troubleshooting: Ensure your Action project has all the required directory information, including a privacy policy link.

Unable to process receipt

Symptom: During purchase authorization, the user gets a response saying "Sorry, I am unable to process your receipt."


  • If you're using googleOrderId inside the initial order update, make sure it matches the same googleOrderId returned by TransactionDecisionValue.
  • If you're using actionOrderId, make sure it’s unique. A new order can't be placed with a previous, existing order ID.
  • Make sure you're sending a simple response alongside the initial OrderUpdate; this is the mandatory response format.

Unable to send order updates

Symptom: When sending an order update for an existing order, the Actions API responds with error code 500 and the following error message: "Order OrderID for project ProjectID could not be updated. Please try again."


  • If you're attempting to send updates for a test order in sandbox mode, make sure the flag isInSandbox is included and set to true in the body of the POST notification request, as shown in the following code snippet:

    "body": {
      "customPushMessage": customPushMessage,
      "isInSandbox": true
  • Make sure you're supplying working credentials during JWT authentication for the Actions API.

Order updates not appearing as notifications

Symptom: Initial order is placed and follow-up order updates succeed with status code 200 but don't appear as push notifications on the user's Assistant-enabled device.

Troubleshooting: Not all order updates will be reflected as a push notification; only updates with a status of CANCELLED, FULFILLED, REJECTED, or RETURNED result in a notification.

Other troubleshooting tips

If the above symptoms don't describe the problem you're running into, you may want to refer to your project's Stackdriver logs for further troubleshooting. You can also refer to your Google Account settings to view and manage any purchases you've made with your Action.