Testing and Deploying


  1. Go to the Actions on Google Developer Console and add a new project
  2. Use “Actions SDK” as the method for creating your action
  3. Build your action package:
     "actions": [{
       "name": "actions.devices",
        "deviceControl": {
       "fulfillment": {
         "conversationName": "automation"
     "conversations": {
       "automation" :
         "name": "automation",
         "url": "https://example.com/google-assistant/endpoint"
  4. Add "App information”, including name and account linking details to the Actions Console
  5. Run gactions test --action_package PACKAGE_NAME --project AGENT_ID

Sharing Your Project

Invite other people to your project so they can test your Assistant app before you publish it. Your app must have at least one action to test.

  1. Run gactions update --action_package PACKAGE_NAME --project AGENT_ID
  2. Go to the Actions on Google Developer Console and select your project.
  3. In the left navigation, select Settings (gear icon) > Permissions. This redirects you to the IAM page for your project.
  4. Click ADD to set a team member's access to your project. You must be an owner of the project.
  5. Type the member's email address in the Members box. In the Roles menu, select Project > Viewer for view access.
  6. Back in the Actions on Google Developer Console, select the Simulator menu item and click SHARE.
  7. Copy the link provided in step 2 of the dialog box to share the project with them.
  8. After you share the link with another user, that user must follow the link to the Actions Simulator landing page, toggle the Test Status to Active and click START.

Google App

  1. Make sure Google Play Services is up to date
  2. Visit "Google" app entry in Google Play Store on Android
  3. Set up the voice-activated speaker, Pixel, or Android phone (version 6+) with the same test account
  4. Open the updated Google app
  5. Open the drawer
  6. Make sure you're the correct user
  7. Go to "Settings"
  8. Under "Google Assistant", go to "Settings"
  9. See "Home Control"


Prior to submitting your app for review, please run through this set of QA test cases , as these are the cases that we our third-party certification vendor will test your app with. Once all of the tests are passing, please submit your app for review, and follow instructions given during the submission process.