Samples and libraries

This page provides links to Google smart home samples and libraries on GitHub:

End to end samples

There are multiple types of end to end samples hosted on GitHub. These samples use virtual devices to highlight the functionality of the Smart Home APIs, showing how you can sync device state to Google's Home Graph and execute user's device control commands

End to end sample Description
Node.js sample This is a Google smart home Action end to end sample implemented in Node.js.


This table shows links to Google smart home libraries on GitHub.

Library Description
Node.js library This is the Node.js library for implementing server logic for Google smart home. For more information, see the smart home module .
Local Home SDK typings library library This is the TypeScript library for implementing local execution for smart home integrations. For more information, see the local execution guide.

Other samples

This table shows links to Google smart home samples on GitHub.

Sample Description
Report State dashboard This is a dashboard that developers can use to help them debug their smart home actions. It obtains data from the Home Graph and presents it to you, allowing you to verify the data that is stored in it. See deploy the report state dashboard.
Error reporting This is a tool that pushes errors from Stackdriver to your server to identify common errors in your fulfillment.
Smart home device manager This project contains sample code that demonstrates the use of Firebase and Google Cloud IoT Core to build a cloud service for consumer smart home devices.
Local Home SDK This project shows how to integrate with the Local Home SDK. The SDK lets you add a local path to execute smart home intents by running a TypeScript or JavaScript app directly on Google Home smart speakers and Nest smart displays.