Toggle names

These are the current key and synonyms you can use for the Toggles trait.

To request a new toggle, file a feature request on GitHub.

Here is an example of how to provide available toggle and toggle values in your SYNC response:

"availableToggles": [{
    "name": "cool",
    "name_values": [{
      "name_synonym": ["supercool", "super cooling", ...],
      "lang": "en"
     }, {
    "name": "quiet",
    "name_values": [{
      "name_synonym": ["noiseless", "silent", ...],
      "lang": "en"
    }, {

English (en)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge powercool, power cool, power cooling, rapid cool, rapid fridge, fast cool
extra rinse extra rinse
permanent press permanent press
quiet quiet, silent, mute
privacyMode privacy mode, privacy
manualControl manual control, manual mode
schedule schedule, smart schedule, automatic mode
Power Save power save, power saving, save
remote_control remote control, remote start
Turbo turbo
Fan fan, circulation, circulator, blower, vent
Dehumidifier dehumidifier
Humidifier humidifier
Humidity humidity
HeatPump heat pump
Boiler boiler
Cooling cooling, cool, AC, air conditioner, air conditioning
Heating heating, heater, furnace, radiator
Hold hold
colorloop colorloop, color loop
blink blink
sparkle sparkle, scintillate
Extended Tumble extended tumble
Convection Conversion convection conversion
Light Bar light bar
Siren siren, alarm
Light light, floodlight, dispenser light, fridge light, refrigerator light
recording recording, monitoring
swing swing, swing function, vane, oscillator
aux aux, auxiliary heat
Fast Heat-up fast heat-up, fast heat up
Heat + Hold heat + hold, heat and hold, heat plus hold
Child Lock child lock, control lock, child guard
subtitle subtitle, subtitles
closed captions closed captioning, closed captions, captions, caption, CC, cc
ad audio description, ad, a d, descriptive video, descriptions, described video, dv
microphone microphone, mic
Night night
Away away
boost boost, boost mode, heating boost
redled redled, red LED
greenled greenled, green LED
blueled blueled, blue LED
guestNetwork guest network
internet internet, internet access
wps wps, device pairing, device matching, wifi pairing
reboot reboot, restart
firmwareUpdating firmware updating, updating
dts dts
wrinkle guard wrinkle guard, wrinkle shield, wrinkle release, wrinkle protect
effect effect, effects, light effect, light effects, led effects
notifications notification, notifications
backlight backlight, mood light
intermittent spray intermittent spray
swingVertical swing vertically, vertical swing
swingHorizontal swing horizontally, horizontal swing
display display, screen
bluetooth bluetooth
shade shade
burst burst, spray, disperse, release, mist
sound sound, bell
keepwarm keepwarm, keep warm
autoRotate auto rotate, rotate, pan, swivel
videoRecording video recording, video
twoWayAudioMode two-way audio mode, two-way audio, speaking mode, speaker mode, two-way mode, call mode
iceMaker icemaker, ice maker
motionDetection motion detection, motion

Danish (da)

name name_synonym
Turbo lynvask

German (de)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge powercool
remote_control fernbedienung, fernstart
Turbo turbo, turbo-funktion, turbofunktion, turbo-modus, turbomodus
backlight Hintergrundbeleuchtung, Stimmungslicht
intermittent spray intermittierender Spray
shading Beschattung, Beschattungsmodus

Spanish (es)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge powercool, power cool
extra rinse aclarado extra
permanent press permanent press
quiet silencioso, silencio
swingVertical abanico vertical
swingHorizontal abanico horizontal
display pantalla
bluetooth bluetooth
Light luz
Turbo turbo, super

French (fr)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge powercool
quiet quiet, silencieux
remote_control télécommande, commande à distance
Turbo turbo

Hindi (hi)

name name_synonym
quiet quiet, क्वाइट, silent, साइलेंट

Indonesian (id)

name name_synonym
quiet quiet, silent, diam, senyap

Italian (it)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge powercool
extra rinse extra risciacquo, extra rinse, risciacquo lungo
permanent press permanent press, perma press, perm press, stampa permanente
quiet silenzioso, lavaggio silenzioso, muto
Turbo turbo, turbo wash, turbowash, lavaggio turbo
Hold hold
colorloop loop colore, loop colori
blink blink, lampeggiante
sparkle sparkle, brilla, luccica
Siren sirena, allarme
Light luce, faro, riflettore

Japanese (ja)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge power cool
extra rinse エクストラリンス, 追加すすぎ
permanent press ノーアイロン, パーマネントプレス, 形状安定, 形状記憶
quiet サイレント, 静か
remote_control リモートコントロール, リモートスタート
Turbo ターボ
colorloop カラーループ
blink 点滅
sparkle スパークル
Siren アラーム, サイレン
Light フロアライト, ライト, 照明
subtitle 字幕, キャプション, スーパーインポーズ
ad 音声ガイド, オーディオディスクリプション

Korean (ko)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge 파워 냉장
extra rinse 추가 헹굼
permanent press 주름 방지
quiet 소음 방지, 조용한 모드
remote_control 리모트 컨트롤, 원격 조종, 원격 조정, 원격 조작, 원격 제어, 원격제어
Turbo 터보
Hold 홀드
colorloop 컬러 루프
blink 블링크, 점멸
sparkle 스파클링, 스파클, 섬광
Siren 사이렌, 알람
Light 라이트, 조명등, 플래시

Dutch (nl)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge powercool, de powercool, power cool, de power cool, power coolen, power-cool, de power-cool, power cooling

Norwegian (no)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge avkjøling, avkjølinga, avkjølingen

Polish (pl)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge powercool

Portuguese (pt)

name name_synonym
quiet silêncio, silencioso

Russian (ru)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge быстрое охлаждение

Swedish (sv)

name name_synonym
turbo snabbtvätt, snabbtvätten

Thai (th)

name name_synonym
quiet เงียบ

Turkish (tr)

name name_synonym
quiet sessiz, sessize

Vietnamese (vi)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge làm lạnh
extra rinse rửa thêm
permanent press ép vĩnh viễn
quiet êm, nhỏ nhẹ
remote_control điều khiển từ xa, điều khiển khởi động
Turbo turbo
Hold giữ
colorloop vòng màu
blink nháy
sparkle lấp lánh, long lanh
Siren còi báo động, chuông báo
Light đèn, đèn lũ
recording ghi âm, giám sát
swing xoay, chức năng xoay, cánh quạt, máy dao động
aux phụ trợ, phụ trợ nhiệt
subtitle phụ đề, chú thích, CC, cc
ad audio description, ad, mô tả âm thanh
microphone mic, máy vi âm
Night đêm
Away ở xa
redled redled, LED đỏ
greenled greenled, LED xanh lục
blueled LED xanh dương
guestNetwork Mạng khách
internet internet, mạng, truy cập mạng
wps wps, ghép thiết bị, cặp thiết bị
reboot khởi động lại
firmwareUpdating cập nhật phần sụn, cập nhật
dts dts

Chinese (Traditional) (zh)

name name_synonym
RapidFridge powercool, power cool, 速冷, 急冷