Built-in intents

This page lists the built-in intents for the Google Assistant. These intents model some of the common ways that users express tasks they are trying to do or information they seek, such as ordering a meal, booking a ride, or checking an account balance.

You can use these built-in intents to build either App Actions or conversational Actions (as indicated in the intent description), but we are still fine tuning Action discovery and ranking. Built-in intents intended for App Actions will not work for conversational Actions and vice versa.

  • If you are building App Actions, implement and test the relevant built-in intents for your app so that users can trigger them from the Assistant when this functionality becomes available. To learn more about using and testing these intents, see the Built-in intent guidelines for App Actions.

  • If you are building conversational Actions, you should create and test implicit invocations in addition to registering for built-in intents. To learn more about using and deploying these intents, see the Built-in intents guide.

Select a built-in intent from the list to see more details. You can also use the search fields to filter this list.