Data feed debugging tools

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This page describes the Actions console features that can help you debug your service data feeds.

Data feed ingestion statistics

In the Actions console, you can view feed ingestion data for your service data feed. Logs include ingestion statistics with detailed information about top-level entities you provide in your data feeds.

To access the ingestion statistics, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Actions Console and open your project.
  2. From the main navigation, go to Develop > Data feeds.
  3. In the table of data feeds for the environment you're interested in, select a data feed to view its ingestion statistics:

On the ingestion statistics page, the Actions console presents statistics for the latest ingestion, as well as for previously ingested data feeds. Logs are recorded for the 50 most recent versions of both types of feed.

On this page, you can see the following data about ingested data feeds:

  • Time: Time at which Google fetched and ingested inventory feeds from your server.
  • Status: Status of the ingestion process once the inventory is fetched. The status of ingestion can be one of the following: "In Progress", "Completed", or "Failure".
  • Files found: Number of files identified in the ingested feed so far.
  • Files with errors: Number of files containing errors.
  • Entities found: Number of top-level entities identified in the ingested feed so far.
  • Entities with errors: Number of top-level entities that have errors.
  • Entities with warnings: Number of top-level entities that have warnings. These entities are not included in Entities without errors.
  • Stale entities: Number of stale top-level entities. Stale entities have a version older than was previously detected.

Entity and file detail views

The ingestion statistics page displays errors and warnings in the latest processed feeds, but you can also search for specific entities by ID and explore ingestions by when they were processed. For each ingestion, the console displays errors and warnings by file and entity.

When you select a data feed, you can expand errors and warnings to view more details. For entities, you can click the entity ID to view all issues for that entity as well:

To look up a specific entity, enter its entity ID specified at ingestion time into the Entity ID field and click Lookup:

The page that appears after you select an entity provides information in multiple tabs:

  • General info: Provides high-level information about the entity, like its ID and when it was ingested.
  • Issues: Lists all errors or warnings identified for the entity.
  • Raw source: Displays the raw JSON object as provided by your feeds.