As the owner of your Order with Google Action, you're responsible for ensuring that your Action's inventory and fulfillment remain online and up-to-date.

Escalations to Google

If you detect issues with the Order with Google platform that's preventing your Action from serving users, create a bug in the partner issue tracker with all the details you can provide about the issue.

Escalation priority

Refer to the following table for expected turnaround and the process for escalation bugs of different priorities:

Issue priority Action SLA
P0 File a bug with relevant info. Email with the link to the bug and details about your issue. This email will page the current on-call support technician. Subsequent conversation should be done through the bug for reference. 1 Hour
P1+ File a bug with relevant info and assign it to your Google contact 1 day for P1, 1 week for P2

Escalations to partners

If Google detects an increase in errors from your Action, we may create a bug and reach out to your on-call contacts with an escalation depending on severity. We set the priority of the bug based on the severity of the issue, so refer to the SLAs for the expected response time.