Data access and ranking

Data access

We collect information from our users when they submit orders via Google's food ordering program. The information we collect may include contact, order, and billing details. Our Privacy Policy provides more detail on the information we collect, why we collect it, and how users can update, manage, export, and delete user information. For purposes of fulfilling a user order or other user request, we may share such information with the Partner to be used in accordance with its privacy policy.

We also collect data from our Partners to enable their offers in Google's food ordering program. The information we collect includes menu data, images, and transaction data. We may use this information to improve Google products and services. Partners are given access to their transaction data in aggregate form.


Google strives to create the easiest way to order food online and ensure a great end-to-end experience for users. Google's food ordering program works with multiple food providers to achieve this goal. When multiple providers offer food service for a given restaurant, we list all of the providers on the menu page, allowing the user to select which food provider they prefer. Providers are ranked on factors such as their rate of successful restaurant orders relative to the other providers.