Development and testing overview

Google lets you develop and test your Food Ordering integration with preview, sandbox, and production environments. Each environment comes with a suite of tools to help you test schemas, test user flows, debug your integration, and monitor your integration.

The available environments include:

  • Preview
  • Sandbox
  • Production

We recommend using the preview environment for development, as it requires the least setup and provides immediate feedback to your local changes. The sandbox environment is intended for staging, and you must use it to test changes against a production-like inventory set before you deploy to the production environment.

Each environment has three required points of interaction with your platform:

  • Batch inventory feeds
  • Fulfillment action endpoint
  • Async order update

For real time inventory changes, use Incremental Updates.

Food Ordering development overview

The following video provides an overview of the development process for a Food Ordering project:

Test environment capabilities

Restaurants used in your Food Ordering integration must be real restaurants, such as ones existing in Google Maps. You may use different data for preview, sandbox, and production environments.

Capabilities Preview Sandbox Production with test payments Production with real payments
Restaurant discovery Sample inventory Test inventory Real inventory Real inventory
Menu browsing
Cart building
Order submission
Payment processing Test Payments Test Payments Test Payments Real Payments
Order updates Mock Mock Mock
Restaurant fulfillments