Test data feed

Under the Develop section of the Actions console, go to Data feeds to see the options available for data file schema validation, data file upload, and testing.

Validate your feeds

The data feed validation tool verifies the formatting, structure, and properties of your data file. Since the data feed ingestion tool requires specific formatting, like one entity per line, the validation tool ensures that you can upload your data feed.

To validate a preview data feed, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the data feed validator tool.
  2. Paste the JSON of the data feed file into the text field.
  3. Choose whether you want to validate a single entity or your entire feed.
  4. Click Validate.

Warnings or errors present in the data feed file will show up above the text field. If you run into errors, make sure to check the reference for potentially missed required fields and invalid property values.

Upload data feeds

Once your data feed file is validated, upload the file as a preview data feed. This allows you to access the Restaurant, Service, and Menu entities for testing.

To upload a preview data feed, follow these steps:

  1. In the Actions console, go to Develop > Data feeds.
  2. On the *Upload test feed card, click Open.
  3. Click Upload Feed.
  4. Click Browse or drag your file into the dialog box.

  5. When you upload a feed, its ingestion status begins as In progress. You can refresh the page to see changes in feed ingestion status.

A successful feed ingestion has a status of Complete. It can take up to five minutes for the contents of your feed to appear in the restaurant browsing tool.

Test data feeds

Once you validate and upload your data feeds, preview them in your Action using the testing tool.

To preview your feeds in the restaurant browsing tool, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Develop > Data feeds in the Actions console.
  2. On the Test your app with feeds card, click Get Started. You may need to enable pop-ups in your browser, because the browse restaurant tool opens in a new tab.

  3. Select Preview as the data feed environment from the dropdown.

  4. Click Launch Test to preview your feed.

  5. When successful, the list of restaurants from your data feed appears in the preview:

  6. Click the desired restaurant to review its menu and go through the food ordering flow. Verify that your inventory is accurate.

Additional resources

In addition to the steps outlined above, you can use console tools to further test and troubleshoot your inventory feed.

Refer to the following tools for additional guidance:

  • The feed ingestion statistics page provide details on your feed ingestions, including the number of entities with errors. Refer to these statistics to ensure that most (if not all) of your entities validate successfully.
  • From the ingestion stats, you can also select specific entity details to troubleshoot entities that fail.