User experience

When users order food on Google, they get a complete experience from restaurant discovery to post-order support, presented in an interface that's welcoming and familiar. Users can order and reorder food from restaurants that you or other service providers support.

Mobile selection page for restaurants to order food from.

Searching for a restaurant

When a user searches for a restaurant that supports ordering food on Google, they see the option to order food online. Users can see expected delivery times, fees, and minimum order values to help them choose a service provider.

Mobile selection page for restaurants to order food from.

Selecting menu items

Users browse through menu sections and options, adding items to their cart along the way. They can customize their order with add-ons or special instructions. Users can also repeat previous orders, and add suggested or popular items to their cart.

Mobile selection page for restaurants to order food from.

Placing the order

Once a user selects items, they can review them, and start the checkout process. The system makes sure items are available and that pricing is up-to-date during the checkout step to ensure smooth ordering. On the order submission page, users provide delivery information, enter promotional codes, add tips, and verify their payment method using the Google Pay widget.

After submitting an order, users receive a confirmation with order details, estimated delivery or pickup time, and contact information for post-order support. Users can also find their order status on the post-order confirmation page and in email confirmations sent to them by the provider.