Assistant directory

Users can discover your Assistant apps in a variety of ways, on mobile and the web, so be sure to promote and market your apps appropriately. This lets users discover your apps easily and learn how to use them afterwards.

Mobile app directory

The mobile app directory lets users browse for available features and services on the Google app for Android and the Google Assistant app for iOS. The directory lets users:

  • Browse and find capabilities that meet their needs. Users can explore the directory where apps are categorized into logical groups for easy lookup.
  • Discover capabilities of the Assistant and apps for the Assistant that are relevant to them.
  • Configure and customize their experience with the Assistant and apps on the Assistant.

Your app is featured on its own listing, so it's important that you promote and highlight your capabilities and provide everything users need to know about your app. Some of the things that you can provide in the app listing are:

  • An icon and splash image - These should reflect your brand appropriately and differentiate your app from others
  • App display name - Associates a name and brand with your app
  • Description - A brief rundown of what the app can do and its features
  • Example invocations - This teaches users how to invoke your apps after they discover them

The following examples shows a listing for GeekNum, an app that teaches users about numbers.

Use the Assistant Directory weblink

Promote your app using the Assistant Directory weblink. You can provide this link on your website and other marketing materials to drive users to your actions. You can obtain the weblink from your developer project's Overview page.