Troubleshooting issues

This page describes some commonly encountered issues and their fixes.

The App Actions test tool plugin cannot locate my actions.xml.

Ensure you have added the correct meta-data tag in your AndroidManifest.xml

A Toast dialog appears giving an error that the app cannot be run.

Check your fulfillment urlTemplate in your actions.xml to make sure it is configured correctly. If using App Links URLs, ensure you can trigger your URL manually using ACTION_VIEW and the URL. If using Intent-based URLs, ensure your Activity is correctly configured to start using the provided parameters.

The App Actions test tool plugin is crashing or I see an error.

Make sure you've updated Android Studio to the latest version.

If you are getting a 403 error, you might be running the plugin on a package where you don't have permissions to run on.

If the error still persists, please file a bug and send the following details to Google:

  1. Details of the error dialog
  2. Android Studio Logs. Select Help > Show Log in Finder. This will show you the location of the idea.log in your Finder. Search for 'Submit Actions Request Body:' in the log file and paste the server responses (there should be two results for actions).

I made changes to actions.xml and clicked Update Preview, but the preview is not updated.

Make sure to save your actions.xml file before updating the preview.

I’m getting an “App isn't installed" error.

This may mean that the <intent-filter> in your AndroidManfiest.xml file doesn't cover the deep link that you specified in your actions.xml. Make sure you check this first before filing a bug.

I’m seeing an Android Studio message that says urlFilter is required

This is a known linter issue for <entity-set-reference> tag which we’re fixing. You can safely ignore this message. As a workaround, you can add urlFilter="*" to your <entity-set-reference> tag.