Building an Action for Families

This guide walks through the design, build, and submission process for a family-friendly action.

Designing your action

Throughout your design process, keep the following key considerations in mind for targeting a family audience:

  • Understand your audience:

    When building a family-friendly action, it’s important to recognize that you are actually catering to different audiences within the family. For example, parents care about educational value, quality, and safety, while kids will want an Action to be fun, straightforward, and challenging.

  • Test with mixed audiences:

    Children often have different thought processes and interaction patterns than adults, so it’s crucial to get feedback from them. Teens may be interested in different aspects of your action than other audiences. Parents may be the approvers of the action's use, so you cannot afford to overlook their thoughts and opinions. Be sure to include users of all ages early and often in the process, from concept all the way to launch.

  • Consider kids as part of your design:

    An action that is simple and easy to use helps even your youngest users learn quickly and become self-sufficient. Keep instructions and actions clear and easy to understand, and include content, sounds, and voices that appeal to users of all ages and hold their attention.

Building your Actions

To start building your Actions, review our Dialogflow Get started guide and the other guides on this site. You may want to review our Templates guides to build an interactive Action without writing any code.

Before you submit your Actions project for the Actions for Families program, make sure your Actions project meets our program requirements and is compliant with COPPA. These policies are in place to ensure your Actions are appropriate for the whole family.

Submitting your Action

Once you've built your family-friendly Actions project, submit it to the Actions for Families program.

To submit your action to the Actions for Families Program:

  1. Select your project in the Actions on Google Console and go into App information.
  2. Either toggle the For Families setting to Yes or set the Category to Kids & Families.
  3. Review the window that pops up, select each checkbox, and click Join: