Engage users through the Google Assistant

Actions on Google let you build for the Google Assistant. Your integrations can help you engage users through Google Home today, and in the future, through Pixel, Allo, and many other experiences where the Google Assistant will be available.

Reach users right when they need you

Users don’t need to pre-enable skills or install new apps to interact with your actions. When users ask for you by name, we’ll connect them with you immediately.

Learn how to design and build engaging experiences

Wayne Piekarski introduces the Google Assistant and Conversation Actions.

Learn how to design conversational interfaces with lead designer Nandini Stocker.

Join Sachit Mishra for a screencast on building a Conversation Action using API.AI.

Develop with easy-to-use tools

Create frictionless, intelligent experiences on the Google Assistant, using one of the many development and analytics tools that are compatible with Actions on Google.