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OpenID Connect for sign-in

OpenID Connect (OIDC) is a standard that provides a consistent set of OAuth 2.0 APIs for authentication across the Internet. Google has provided OIDC support since early 2013. OpenID Connect interoperability is available two ways:

  • Google+ Sign-In supports OIDC interoperability if you configure with the openid scope and get the user profile using getOpenIdConnect.
  • OAuth 2.0 login supports OIDC directly. Use it for signing in users to apps that do not need social features and run on platforms not supported by Google+ Sign-In. You implement sign-in with Google by using OpenID Connect protocols at the HTTP level.

In either sign-in case, you get the user profile by sending an HTTP request to this endpoint:

The response includes the profile in OpenID Connect format. This method is not in the Google APIs client libraries.

Comparison of Google+ Sign-In and OAuth 2.0 login

The following table compares Google+ Sign-In (with the profile scope) to OAuth 2.0 login.

Google+ Sign-In with profile scope OpenID Connect protocols (OAuth 2.0 login)
Has Google client libraries for authenticating with OAuth 2.0, which includes support for Google+ and other Google services Not in Google APIs client libraries
Has the Google+ Sign-In button to simplify sign-in Has no pre-built widgets
Supports over-the-air Android installs Does not support over-the-air installs

In both cases, if the email scope is granted, the profile response includes the user's Google account email address.

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