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Resource representations

A person is represented in the Google+ API as a JSON data structure, as shown below, that is sent in the body of a request, or received in the body of a response. This representation is the set of all possible fields a person can contain.
A person has a namephoto imageprofile URL, and other properties that make up its profile.

  "kind": "plus#person",
  "etag": etag,
  "nickname": string,
  "birthday": string,
  "gender": string,
  "emails": [
      "value": string,
      "type": string,
      "primary": boolean
  "urls": [
      "value": string,
      "type": string,
      "label": string
  "objectType": string,
  "id": string,
  "displayName": string,
  "name": {
    "formatted": string,
    "familyName": string,
    "givenName": string,
    "middleName": string,
    "honorificPrefix": string,
    "honorificSuffix": string
  "tagline": string,
  "braggingRights": string,
  "aboutMe": string,
  "currentLocation": string,
  "relationshipStatus": string,
  "url": string,
  "image": {
    "url": string,
    "id": string
  "organizations": [
      "name": string,
      "department": string,
      "title": string,
      "type": string,
      "startDate": string,
      "endDate": string,
      "location": string,
      "description": string,
      "primary": boolean
  "placesLived": [
      "value": string,
      "primary": boolean
  "isPlusUser": boolean,
  "plusOneCount": integer,
  "circledByCount": integer,
  "verified": boolean,
  "cover": {
    "layout": string,
    "coverPhoto": {
      "url": string,
      "height": integer,
      "width": integer
    "coverInfo": {
      "topImageOffset": integer,
      "leftImageOffset": integer
Property name Value Description Notes
kind string Identifies this resource as a person. Value: "plus#person".
id string The ID of this person.
displayName string The name of this person, which is suitable for display.
name object An object representation of the individual components of a person's name.
name.formatted string The full name of this person, including middle names, suffixes, etc.
name.familyName string The family name (last name) of this person.
name.givenName string The given name (first name) of this person.
name.middleName string The middle name of this person.
name.honorificPrefix string The honorific prefixes such as "Dr." or "Mrs." for this person.
name.honorificSuffix string The honorific suffixes such as "Jr." for this person.
nickname string The nickname of this person.
tagline string The brief description (tagline) of this person.
birthday string The person's date of birth, which is represented as YYYY-MM-DD.
gender string The person's gender. Possible values are:
  • "male" - Male gender.
  • "female" - Female gender.
  • "other" - Other.
aboutMe string A short biography for this person.
currentLocation string The current location for this person.
relationshipStatus string The person's relationship status. Possible values are:
  • "single" - Person is single.
  • "in_a_relationship" - Person is in a relationship.
  • "engaged" - Person is engaged.
  • "married" - Person is married.
  • "its_complicated" - The relationship is complicated.
  • "open_relationship" - Person is in an open relationship.
  • "widowed" - Person is widowed.
  • "in_domestic_partnership" - Person is in a domestic partnership.
  • "in_civil_union" - Person is in a civil union.
url string The URL of this person's profile.
image object The representation of the person's profile photo.
image.url string The URL of the person's profile photo. To re-size the image and crop it to a square, append the query string ?sz=x, where x is the dimension in pixels of each side.
emails[] list A list of email addresses that this person has set to public on their Google+ profile. You can also use the scope to retrieve an authenticated user's email address.
emails[].value string The email address.
emails[].type string The type of address. Possible values are:
  • "home" - Home email address.
  • "work" - Work email address.
  • "other" - Other.
emails[].primary boolean If "true", indicates this email address is the person's primary one.
urls[] list A list of URLs for this person.
urls[].value string The URL value.
urls[].type string The type of URL. Possible values are:
  • "otherProfile" - URL for another profile.
  • "contributor" - URL for which this person is a contributor to.
  • "website" - URL for this +Page's primary website.
  • "other" - Other.
    organizations[] list A list of current or past organizations with which this person is associated.
    organizations[].name string The name of the organization.
    organizations[].department string The department within the organization. Deprecated.
    organizations[].title string The person's job title or role within the organization.
    organizations[].type string The type of organization. Possible values are:
    • "work" - Work.
    • "school" - School.
    organizations[].startDate string The date the person joined this organization.
    organizations[].endDate string The date the person left this organization.
    organizations[].location string The location of this organization. Deprecated.
    organizations[].description string A short description of the person's role in this organization. Deprecated.
    organizations[].primary boolean If "true", indicates this organization is the person's primary one (typically interpreted as current one).
    placesLived[] list A list of places where this person has lived.
    placesLived[].value string A place where this person has lived. For example: "Seattle, WA", "Near Toronto".
    placesLived[].primary boolean If "true", this place of residence is this person's primary residence.
    objectType string Type of person within Google+. Possible values are:
    • "person" - represents an actual person.
    • "page" - represents a page.
    etag etag ETag of this response for caching purposes.
    isPlusUser boolean Whether this user has signed up for Google+.
    plusOneCount integer If a Google+ Page, the number of people who have +1'ed this page.
    circledByCount integer If a Google+ Page and for followers who are visible, the number of people who have added this page to a circle.
    verified boolean Whether the person or Google+ Page has been verified.
    cover object The cover photo content.
    cover.layout string The layout of the cover art. Possible values are:
    • "banner" - One large image banner.
    cover.coverPhoto object The person's primary cover image.
    cover.coverPhoto.url string The url to the image.
    cover.coverPhoto.height integer The height to the image.
    cover.coverPhoto.width integer The width to the image.
    cover.coverInfo object Extra information about the cover photo.
    cover.coverInfo.topImageOffset integer The difference between the top position of the image cover and the actual displayed cover image. Only valid for BANNER layout.
    cover.coverInfo.leftImageOffset integer The difference between the left position of the image cover and the actual displayed cover image. Only valid for BANNER layout.
    braggingRights string The "bragging rights" line of this person.
    urls[].label string The label of the URL. string The media ID of the person's profile picture. This is currently only used for updating the profile picture, and never returned on read. The picture must be owned by the profile owner, but may be in any of the owner's albums.


    Get a person's profile.