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Hangouts API 1.3 Release Notes

Note - See the release notes for the latest Hangouts API version.

This release of the Hangouts API introduces a new feature where your app can now control whether the local participant's video is mirrored to the local participant. In addition, a microphone mute function has been renamed.

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Mirrored video of local participant

An app can control whether the local participant's video is mirrored (or not) to the local participant.

By default, a hangout shows the video of the local participant mirrored — that is, the user sees their reflection, which is a more natural experience in most cases. However, this causes text and images (such as diagrams) to read backwards. If your app displays such text or images, you may want your video to be unmirrored, which these new functions and events allow:

Function renamed to muteParticipantMicrophone

The function's new name is:

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