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Hangouts API Reference

The Hangouts API provides the programming interface to Hangouts video calls. It provides a JavaScript interface that enables your app to do such things as list the Hangout participants, share data between instances of your app in the Hangout, control some aspects of the user interface, and control the microphone, camera and speaker settings. Also see the release notes. This reference is for the latest release of the stable channel.

At the center of the Hangouts API is the Participant class, which represents a person who has joined a Hangout. A class is a convenient data structure that represents an object and encapsulates its state.

Events - To use events, you initially register a callback function with the type of event that you are interested in. For example, if you want to execute a function when a participant joins a Hangout, you would register by calling onParticipantAdded.add(callback). Then, whenever a participant joins, an event of type ParticipantsAddedEvent fires and all registered callback functions are invoked, each with the event as its argument. This event holds the list of added Participant objects, which the callbacks can operate on.

Note about null: Do not pass in null as a method parameter except where a boolean is allowed or where noted. Doing so will throw an exception.

The Hangouts API is divided into namespaces that group related Hangout classes, functions, and events.


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