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Google+ Interactive Post Labels

You can target your call-to-action button label from a large list of options. When your app specifies the label value, Google+ handles the translation of the text when it appears in the stream.

ValueEnglish label (?)Usage example
ACCEPTAcceptAccept an invitation
ACCEPT_GIFTAccept giftAccept a gift from a friend in a social game.
ADDAddAdd photo to a profile.
ADD_FRIENDAdd friendAdd a friend to contact list.
ADD_MEAdd meAdd me to your contact list.
ADD_TO_CARTAdd to cartAdd an item to a shopping cart.
ADD_TO_CALENDARAdd to calendarAdd an event to my calendar.
ADD_TO_FAVORITESAdd to favoritesAdd an items to favorites.
ADD_TO_QUEUEAdd to queueAdd a movie to a queue.
ADD_TO_WISH_LISTAdd to wish listAdd an item to shopping list.
ANSWERAnswerAnswer a question.
ANSWER_QUIZAnswer quizAnswer a quiz question.
APPLYApplyApply for a job.
ASKAskAsk a question or for help.
ATTACKAttackAttack in an online game.
BEATBeatBeat at a game.
BIDBidBid at an auction/
BOOKBookBook tickets to a concert
BOOKMARKBookmarkBookmark a webpage.
BROWSEBrowseBrowse a catalog.
BUYBuyBuy an item.
CAPTURECaptureCapture pictures.
CHALLENGEChallengeChallenge a friend to a game.
CHANGEChangeChange an avatar.
CHATChatChat with a friend.
CHECKINCheck-inCheck in to a location.
COLLECTCollectCollect points in an online game
COMMENTCommentComment on a post or article.
COMPARECompareCompare different products.
COMPLAINComplainReport an error or defect.
CONFIRMConfirmConfirm your attendance.
CONNECTConnectConnect with an app.
CONTRIBUTEContributeContribute to a cause.
COOKCookCook a meal.
CREATECreateCreate a playlist or an account.
DEFENDDefendDefend your high score in an online game.
DINEDineDine at a restaurant.
DISCOVERDiscoverDiscover new songs from your favorite artist.
DISCUSSDiscussDiscuss a topic with friends.
DOWNLOADDownloadDownload a document.
EARNEarnEarn points in a game.
EATEatEat at a restaurant.
EXPLAINExplainExplain a concept.
FINDFindFind a house.
FIND_A_TABLEFind a tableFind a table to reserve in a restaurant.
FOLLOWFollowFollow a topic or discussion.
GETGetGet the latest product.
GIFTGiftGive a gift to a friend.
GIVEGiveGive to a cause.
GOGoGo for a hike.
HELPHelpHelp a cause.
IDENTIFYIdentifyIdentify a missing person.
INSTALLInstallInstall an application.
INSTALL_APPInstall appInstall a mobile app.
INTRODUCEIntroduceIntroduce yourself.
INVITEInviteInvite a friend to an event.
JOINJoinJoin a discussion or event.
JOIN_MEJoin meJoin me in a game.
LEARNLearnLearn about a topic.
LEARN_MORELearn moreLearn more about the app.
LISTENListenListen to a song.
MAKEMakeMake a project.
MATCHMatchMatch a donation for a cause.
MESSAGEMessageSend a message.
OPENOpenOpen an account.
OPEN_APPOpen appOpen an app.
OWNOwnOwn a product.
PAYPayPay a subscription.
PINPinPin an item.
PIN_ITPin itPin an item to a board.
PLANPlanPlan an event with friends.
PLAYPlayPlay an online game.
PURCHASEPurchasePurchase a membership.
RATERateRate a movie that you watched.
READReadRead an eBook.
READ_MORERead moreRead more about a topic.
RECOMMENDRecommendRecommend a restaurant.
RECORDRecordRecord the details of your workout.
REDEEMRedeemRedeem a coupon.
REGISTERRegisterRegister for an event.
REPLYReplyReply to a comment.
RESERVEReserveReserve a table at a restaurant.
REVIEWReviewReview a book.
RSVPRSVPConfirm your attendance at an event.
SAVESaveSave the rainforest!
SAVE_OFFERSave offerSave the details of an offer to review later.
SEE_DEMOSee demoWatch a demo.
SELLSellSell a product.
SENDSendSend a message.
SIGN_INSign inSign in to a website.
SIGN_UPSign upSign up for a newsletter.
STARTStartStart a discussion
STOPStopStop animal cruelty.
SUBSCRIBESubscribeSubscribe to a magazine.
TAKE_QUIZTake quizTake a quiz on a topic.
TAKE_TESTTake testTest your skills at a challenge.
TRY_ITTry itTry a new product.
UPVOTEUpvoteVote in a poll.
USEUseUse a new feature.
VIEWViewView an article
VIEW_ITEMView itemView an item in an online store.
VIEW_MENUView menuView a new restaurant's menu.
VIEW_PROFILEView profileView a user's profile.
VISITVisitVisit a site.
VOTEVoteVote in a poll.
WANTWantAdd an item to your wishlist.
WANT_TO_SEEWant to seeWant to see the deal.
WANT_TO_SEE_ITWant to see itWant to see a movie.
WATCHWatchWatch a video.
WATCH_TRAILERWatch trailerWatch a movie trailer.
WISHWishLet friends know what you want for your birthday.
WRITEWriteWrite a review.

Supported languages

The call-to-action button labels are automatically translated into the reader's preferred language in their Google+ stream. The following languages are supported:

Language Value
Afrikaans af
Amharic am
Arabic ar
Basque eu
Bengali bn
Bulgarian bg
Catalan ca
Chinese (Hong Kong) zh-HK
Chinese (Simplified) zh-CN
Chinese (Traditional) zh-TW
Croatian hr
Czech cs
Danish da
Dutch nl
English (UK) en-GB
English (US) en-US
Estonian et
Filipino fil
Finnish fi
French fr
French (Canadian) fr-CA
Language Value
Galician gl
German de
Greek el
Gujarati gu
Hebrew iw
Hindi hi
Hungarian hu
Icelandic is
Indonesian id
Italian it
Japanese ja
Kannada kn
Korean ko
Latvian lv
Lithuanian lt
Malay ms
Malayalam ml
Marathi mr
Norwegian no
Persian fa
Polish pl
Language Value
Portuguese (Brazil) pt-BR
Portuguese (Portugal) pt-PT
Romanian ro
Russian ru
Serbian sr
Slovak sk
Slovenian sl
Spanish es
Spanish (Latin America) es-419
Swahili sw
Swedish sv
Tamil ta
Telugu te
Thai th
Turkish tr
Ukrainian uk
Urdu ur
Vietnamese vi
Zulu zu

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