Legacy Google+ APIs have been shut down as of March 7, 2019. Changes to the shutdown plan have been made recently which may mitigate its effect on some developers. Learn more.

Google+ integrations for web and mobile apps have also stopped functioning as of March 7, 2019. Learn more.

Google+ Platform Release Notes

This page contains release notes for the Google+ platform. Within each group, latest notes are first.


September 12, 2014 - Google+ iOS SDK (v1.7.1). Fixes SDK bundle to support updated resource format.

June 18, 2014 - Google+ iOS SDK (v1.7.0). Supports one-time authorization codes, making it easier for your server to perform Google API calls on behalf of your users or to support offline access.

March 24 2014 - Google+ iOS SDK update (v1.5.1). Added useClientIDForURLScheme. Requires iOS 6 or later.

December 12 2013 - Google+ iOS SDK update (v1.5.0). When a user signs in with Google and shares from your app, Google will automatically suggest who to share with, from the user's Google contacts and Google+ circles. Added openIDRealm. Requires iOS 6 or later.

November 25 2013 - Google+ Sign-In JavaScript enhancements:

  • gapi.auth.signIn() triggers user sign-in and authorization in JavaScript, making it easier to integrate Google+ Sign-In with existing account creation flows. Learn more.
  • gapi.auth.signOut() signs the current user out of your app. Learn more.
  • A new status field indicates whether users are signed in to Google and/or your website, and a new method field describes how the sign-in occurred.
  • You can now specify sign-in parameters once in tags, versus passing them multiple times to multiple page elements. These page-level configuration parameters simplify your integration of Google+ Sign-In and interactive posts Learn more.
  • The sign-in callback is now dynamic when using page-level configuration. This makes it possible, for example, to sync your site’s user experience across multiple tabs Learn more.

October 11 2013 - Google+ SDK for iOS update (v1.4.1). Added attachImageData plus minor bug fixes.

October 1 2013 - Google+ SDK for iOS update (v1.4.0). The SDK includes the following updates:

  • In-app native share dialog.
  • Image and video uploads are supported when using native share dialog.
  • Support for retrieving an ID token.

August 14 2013 release

  • Google+ Domains API- G Suite customers and ISVs can take advantage of enhanced Google+ APIs to build tools and services that can be used in a variety of ways to power their organization.

Jul 2013 doc release

May 2013 release

  • New version (1.3.0) of the iOS SDK for the Google+ Platform is available. This version simplifies the integration of Google+ features in iOS apps by adding new framework files and resource bundles. This update reduces the number of imports and includes minor bug fixes.

Feb 2013 release - This release includes the following features:

  • Google+ Sign-In - Users can sign in to your app with Google on Android, iOS or the web, using secure authentication. Sign-in enables all of the following features.
  • Interactive posts - When a user signs in with Google and shares from your app, their friends can see a new kind of "interactive" post in their Google+ stream. Clicking will "deep-link" them to a specific place inside your app to buy, listen to, or review, for instance.
  • App Customization - Once users sign in with Google, they can bring into your app their Google+ public profile, people in their circles, and other Google+ info. This lets your app welcome them by name, display their picture, connect them with friends, and lots more. Includes new API:
    • people.list method - Lists all of the people who this user has added to one or more circles
    • ageRange and language properties of people resource.
  • App Activities - When users perform activities within your mobile app such as check-ins, reviews and commenting on articles, your app can write those activities to Google. Your app can then make available to the user the type of activity that best reflects your content or the user's actions. Includes new API:
    • Moments resource with methods insert, list and remove. Moments describe activities that users engage within your app.
  • Over-The-Air Installs - After signing in with Google on the web, users have the option, with a single click on the web, to remotely install your Android app over-the-air on their mobile device. Linking your web and Android apps is as simple as registering your project and clients with the Google API Console.
  • Google+ Platform Insights - After your Google+ Sign-In integration is live, you’ll be able to measure and monitor downloads, total users, interactive post performance, and other key metrics. To set up analytics for your apps, connect your Google API Console project with your Google+ Page.
  • OAuth 2.0 scope - One new scope:
    • https://www.googleapis.com/auth/plus.login - Allows your app to identify the authenticated user and retrieve their public profile data, including age range and preferred language. Includes and expands on https://www.googleapis.com/auth/plus.me.


21 MAR 2013

button - Default theme changed to dark.

26 JUN 2012

+1 button - Added recommendations to the +1 button dialog to suggest related articles on your site when a user clicks +1. This feature is currently in platform preview.

6 MAR 2012

+1 button - Added support for the following languages: Afrikaans (af), Amharic (am), Bengali (bn), Basque (eu), French Canadian (fr-CA), Galacian (gl), Gujarati (gu), Icelandic (is), Kannada (kn), Malayalam (ml), Marathi (mr), Swahili (sw), Tamil (ta), Telugu (te), Urdu (ur), Chinese Hong Kong (zh-HK), Zulu (zu).

7 FEB 2012

+1 button - Improves the +1 button to make it display faster. Does not require any change to +1 button code.

2 FEB 2012

Badge - Google+ badge is now visible to all users of your site. Requires updating your badge code.

26 JAN 2012

Badge - This Developer Preview release deprecates the size attribute, and introduces width and height. It also adds the option to choose either a light or dark color theme. See Google+ badge.

9 NOV 2011

Badge - Initial Developer Preview release of Google+ badge.

30 MAR 2011

+1 button - Initial Developer Preview release of +1 button.

Hangouts API

SEPT 2013

Hangouts API - Stable channel, Sept. 2013 - This version lets apps blur or replace the background in the video feed of the local participant.

Hangouts API Dev Channel - The developer release channel provides early access to Hangout API features under development, for testing and feedback. Changes to the Dev Channel are announced in the Hangouts section of the Google+ Developer Community, rather than in these release notes.

MAY 2013

Hangouts API - Stable channel, May 2013 - This version lets apps autoload when Hangouts start, mute the sound for notifications, and set the broadcast screen of Hangouts On Air to show or not show the filmstrip.

FEB 2013

Hangouts API v1.4 - Your app can determine age restrictions, control who is displayed in a Hangout On Air broadcast, select a primary participant for the main video, and get the locale of a participant.

OCT 2012

Hangouts API v1.3 - Your app can control whether the local participant's video is mirrored to the local participant. A microphone mute function has been renamed.

AUG 2012

Hangouts API v1.2 - Lets you add sound to a participant’s audio stream that everyone in the Hangout can hear. A Hangout On Air now defines a broadcaster and the ability for that broadcaster to control which participants can be viewed on air. New functions allow for disposing of audio and image resources from memory. In addition, several general, new functions are available.

MAY 2012

Hangouts API v1.1 - Introduces the ability for your app to respond to face movements in real time. Also provides a new overlay positioned relative to the video feed, new high-rate, low-latency messages, Hangouts on Air support, the ability to enter any OAuth scope, and a few other miscellaneous features.

MAR 2012

Hangouts API v1.0 - Promotes the Hangouts API from developer preview to general release, enabling developers to launch their hangout apps for sharing by the entire Google+ community. Multiple overlays can now be visible in a single video feed, and multiple sounds can now be played at once. Loading of audio and images is now supported not only over http, but also over https and with data URIs.

FEB 2012

Hangouts API v0.2 - Introduces the ability to show a video canvas within an app, adds some general convenience functions, removes some displayed participant functions in favor of VideoFeed, and removes the participant highlight functions in favor of setAvatar. Also updates the Developer Preview hangout user interface to the latest look and feel.

DEC 2011

Hangouts API v0.1 update release. This release adds the ability to play sound effects, attach image overlays to faces, add convenience methods for data operations, and logging to the JavaScript console.

NOV 2011

Hangouts API v0.1 first release. Includes a new location for hangout.js, a major change to the event pattern, new apis, splits person from participant, moves notice API to gapi.hangout.layout namespace, and renames APIs.

SEP 2011

Hangouts API initial Developer Preview release.


Formerly known as the REST API.

14, AUG 2013

Aug 2013 release

  • Google+ Domains API is now available to provide G Suite customers and ISVs with an enhanced API that allows for circle management, writing domain-restricted posts to the stream, and reading posts and comments that are made by G Suite domain users.
26 FEB 2013

Feb 2013 release - This release includes the following features:

  • See Google+ section for API changes for this release.
5 JAN 2013

Jan 2013 release

  • Added the following properties to the people resource
19 DEC 2012

Dec 2012 release

  • The access property of each activity has information about which Community and topic the post has been shared with. For example, access.description can hold the name of the community, such as "Google+ Developers (Discussion)"
13 NOV 2012

Nov 2012 release

16 OCT 2012

Oct 2012 release - This release contains the following changes. For details, see Preview of Google+ API Changes.

13 FEB 2012

Feb 2012 release - This release contains 2 new resource properties and 1 new optional method parameter:

14 NOV 2011

Nov 2011 release - This release contains two new method parameters:

15 SEP 2011

Sept 2011 release - Initial release of Google+ REST API with People, Activities and Comments.